3-way Control Valve(Series 220)

The IndiTech Series 220 3-way control valve is used for converging (flow mixing) or diverging (flow splitting) service in a process control system. This valve is ideally suited for applications involving thermic fluid, water, steam, oils & other industrial fluids. Both mixing and dividing type valves are designed so that flow tends to open plug passages, thereby avoiding vibrations and leading to stable process control. The simple valve construction ensures reliable performance and easy in-line maintenance.

Technical Data


220-MMixing3-way Control Valve
220-DDividing3-way Control Valve


1” to12”

Pressure Rating

ANSI #150, #300, #600

Body MOC

Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel.Other materials available on request.


Standard Bolted, Cooling Finned


Lance Pipe, Blanking Bush


Pneumatic, Electrical

End Connections

Flanged, Socket Weld, Butt Weld


  • Valve body design optimized to handle high capacity flows.
  • Slotted plug with inherent linear flow characteristics for regulating control.
  • Double seated design with flow tending to open both ports. This provides flow stability with excellent process control.
  • Trim provided with both top guiding & seat guiding, thus helping to eliminate problems of vibrations.
  • Easy in-line maintenance facilitated by both top and bottom entry access to valve internals.
  • Modular design with interchangeable parts for both mixing and dividing designs.
  • Approved under IBR (Indian Boiler Regulation Act).